Progressive Metal from Berlin

Sublimerent was formed in late 2018. Since then, they work in unity to spread their very own vision of music into the world. The band, consisting of Alvaro, Jerome, Luce and Martin, published their debut EP “Circular Emotion“ (mixed and mastered by Mendel [ex-Aborted, Oracles, System Divide]) in summer 2019, containing 3 songs which give an impression of what the sound of Sublimerent is made of. Simply put, the Berlin-based Progressive Metal outfit pursue the attitude, that anything has the potential of being melted into one of their musical offsprings. That’s why you can find straight metal-grooves besides odd-meters and extended instrumental parts that often contain elaborated playing techniques. But this does not mean, that you are facing an indigestible music puzzle. Rather you will find yourself in a unique, diverse aesthetic space and that is one of the many advantages of Sublimerent: everyone can find a reference to their own taste without anything being obviously chumming up or even borrowing typical genre-clichés. To complete their vision of a holistic audiovisual experience, an intense and energetic live show is fulfilled every single time for offering entrance into the musical sphere that is Sublimerent.

Upcoming Live Gigs

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